Do you know how to request your Employment History Record?


Do you want to know all your ‘working life’ information and what benefits you have rights to? It’s actually very easy to obtain and there are several ways to request it:

  • On the internet, without a digital certificate. Once you have requested it, you will receive the records by regular post.
  • On the internet, with a digital certificate. You can download it instantly.
  • By SMS. You will receive a code that will allow you to download the document.
  • By phone. It isn’t available in some provinces, but it is in Malaga.

Your Employment History Record gathers the time you have worked, both in different companies or official organisms. It can be used to prove the exact hours you have worked throughout your life. It collects all the periods you have paid taxes during your professional life in a chronological order. It will include your time as an autonomous worker or on a steady payroll.

In many occasions, workers need this record to consult their present working conditions: contribution basis, amount of time having paid taxes or the kind of contract you have. In other occasions, a company or organism you aspire to work with may request it.

Because of this, Social Security puts this document at our disposal. This document is known as Employment History Records, where all the details of your professional life are taken into account. In technical terms, this report gives the trade name of businesses you have worked for, the days you have worked, the type of contract you had (part time or full time), as well as the total amount of years, months and days of taxation. This way, you can have a complete view of benefits and economic attributions you have rights to.

Your Employment History Record contains very valuable information. It can help you make the best decisions concerning your retirement and other choices. Once you have a copy, an administrative agent can help you choose the best options for you. Put your trust in GA!