Lost your driving licence? A Gestor Administrativo will help you!

dgt malaga

Is anything worse than losing your documents? Not having your driving licence with you also limits your possibilities of moving around, making it even worse. We are sure you hate that moment when you have to organize your documents, ask for a day off at work to make that paperwork… We have some good news for you: forget about all of that and trust your paperwork to a Gestor Administrativo who will organize your procedures as fast and as efficient as you need it.

You may also need a driving licence duplicate if you have modified any personal information (name, surname(s), ID number…) or if it has been stolen or broken by any means. If so, we recommend you contact a Gestor Administrativo, a professional that will deal with duplicates for your documents and the valid driving licence for their holders.

The Colegio de Gestores Administrativos de Málaga and the Traffic Headquarters have signed an attachment to the agreement signed by the Consejo General and Traffic for the management of driving licence duplicates.

Since the beginning of the year, the Gestores Administrativos in Málaga, as experts in vehicle paperwork, have already managed more than 1300 driving licence duplicates.

#Trust the gA


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