It’s time to clock in at work, have you adapted?


From today it’s time to sign at work and both companies and their employees will have to adapt to the new regulations in record time.

All companies, regardless of their sector or size, must register the entry and exit of their employees from May 12. Thus, companies will have to establish a record of the working day that helps the Labour Inspectorate to control the number of overtime hours performed in Spanish companies. Among other issues, the aim is to prevent companies from not paying overtime to their workers.

Any method that collects the entry and exit of workers will be valid, it is not necessary to incorporate a very sophisticated method, it is enough, for example, with a card on which employees write down the hours they work each day. The essential thing is to record the exact number of hours each worker works. The chosen system must be kept for a minimum of four years and is subject to the data protection law.

In this way, if a longer working day than that contracted is detected, the company can be forced to expand its workforce. Those companies that fail to comply with this new regulation may be sanctioned with fines ranging from 626 euros to 6,250 euros. For the time being, these sanctions would not be effective and only a warning will be notified.

The most concerned companies are those whose workers accumulate too many extra hours because payment is not the problem, the problem is that a worker can only do 80 hours each year, so those companies that are passed will have to start reducing them.

If you have any doubts, a gestor administrativo will help you resolve them. Contact a qualified colleague whenever you need advice. Here you will find the professionals of Málaga.


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