New Traffic Regulations in 2021: What do you need to know?


Last week, the Spanish Government approved new regulations that will modify traffic rules. In order to reduce road fatalities and improve traffic security, the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic has published the new updates. There are nine main regulations:

  1. How to overtake safely

This new regulation forbids overtaking by speeding up 20 km/h over the limit established in the road. If you want to overtake the car in front of you, you will have to follow the speed limit. This will reduce frontal collisions produced by overtaking.

2. Age to get the truck driving license

Until now, the minimum age to drive a truck was 21 years old. However, 18-year-old drivers who have passed a 280-hour certificate of professional competence will be able to drive a truck. Being 18 years old, you will be able to drive a truck within a 50-km radius and with no passengers. Once you turn 21, you will be able to have passengers on the vehicle.

3. Electric scooter regulation

Those who move around with an electric scooter must not wear headphones and could be asked to take the Breathalyzer test, just like other vehicles. Electric scooters cannot be used on the sidewalk, pedestrian areas, intercity roads, motorways, or tunnels. Electric scooter drivers must also have a certificate to drive within cities, a document that will state they meet the technical requirements established by the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic.

4. Fine for using the phone in the car

With this new traffic regulation, using the phone while driving will take 6 points off your driving licence, instead of 3, This will include drivers who have their phone on their hand while driving, even if they are not using it at the moment.

5. Updates on the driving test

If you use a non-authorized communicative device during the driving test, you will be committing fraud and will be fined with 500 Euro and a penalty of 6 months when you won’t be able to retake the test.

6. The seat belt and other protection devices

Not properly wearing your seat belt, your motorbike helmet or not installing your car seat correctly will take off four points of your driving license.

7. How to recover your driving points

You will be able to get two points back by taking safety driving courses certified by the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic. To get all your points back, you will need to wait two years without committing any road traffic offence. This can change depending on the type of offence you committed previously.

8. Speed limit in city roads

The current 50 km/h speed limit in city roads is no longer valid for all roads. There will be a speed limit of 20 km/h or 30 km/h, depending on the road. If the road and the sidewalk are on the same level, the speed limit is 20 km/h. The speed limit is 30 km/h in roads with one lane per way. If there are two or more lanes per way, the limit will be 50 km/h.

9. You cannot have radar detection devices

If you have installed a radar detector device in your car, the police will fine you with a 500 Euro ticket and you will lose three points from your driving licence. This will apply if you are using the device while driving.

These new regulations will be valid from January 2nd, 2021 and will be effective six months after being officially published by the Government.

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