Brexit Residence Permit: Apply for it now!


As you know, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on December 31. If you are from the UK and live in Spain, do not worry, you can still apply for the Brexit residence permit. Here is how you can do it.

How to apply for the Brexit permit

Before applying for this special residence permit, you must know your current situation since that will affect the paperwork and procedures to follow.

  • I am from the UK and I already live in Spain

In this case, the application is very simple. You have until December 31 to book an appointment at your local police station. You can apply for the new Brexit residence permit there and it will be effective the same day.

  • I already have a permanent certificate

If you have been living in Spain for more than 5 years, you can apply for the new permit at the police station, just like in the latter case. This card will be valid for 10 years and during that time you can live in Spain with no restriction.

  • I do not have a permanent certificate

If, although you have been in Spain for over 5 years, you have a temporary EU certificate, you must provide information that proves you have been living in our country for that time. You can show city registration paperwork, employment contract, and rental agreements, etc.

  • I would like to move to Spain now

If you currently live in the United Kingdom but would like to move to Spain before Brexit is official, you have to start all the procedures as soon as possible. You will have to go to an Immigration office with a prior appointment or doing it online. If you meet the requirements —having health insurance and be financially independent—, you will be granted a residence permit to live in Spain after January 1. Once you have the permit, you have to go to a police station near you and apply for the residence card.

This card will take between 20-25 to arrive after you complete the application. Hurry up!

Remember that a Gestor Administrativo can help you apply for the Brexit residence card online. Find the nearest Gestor Administrativo.


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