Immigration: Procedures that you can do through the internet


Appointment to submit applications: the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security allows you to request an appointment online to submit applications in the Immigration Office through this service. It is only available for certain procedures and offices; we must remind you that not all procedures require a prior appointment.

Download and telematics payment of the Immigration Office permission fees: through this service you can access the Immigration Office forms. If you have a digital certificate or an electronic ID card, you can make the payment and send the settlement through the internet. If you do not have any of these, you can fill in and print the form to pay through a collaborating entity.

There are two fee forms with regards to immigration:

  1. Fee 052: Processing of residence permits and other documentation for foreign citizens. Through this form you can pay the visit, residence and other documentation fees.
  2. Fee 062: Processing of employment permit for foreign citizens. Through this form you can pay the employment permit fees you must credit to your employer.

Consult the status of your immigration permit: you can consult the status of your immigration permit, if it is being processed or of it has been resolved. You must show your ID card or record number, as well as several details of your application. This service is not available for citizens of the European Union and their relatives, these can consult the status of their records in the office where they processed the application.

Electronic submission to renew and request long-term residence: To do this procedure you must have a digital certificate or an electronic ID card. The period to access the system is 60 days before and 90 days after the expiry date of your permit.

Through this service you can submit:

  • Long-term residence permits after having been living continuously in Spain for over 5 years
  • Renewal of temporal residence and work permits on behalf of another.
  • Renewal of temporal residence and work permits of your own.
  • Renewal of non-lucrative residence permits.
  • Renewal of residence permits because of a family reunification.
  • Renewal of residence and work permits as a highly qualified worker (Blue Card).
  • Renewal of residence and work permits for researchers.
  • Renewal of residence permit with exclusions in the work permit.
  • Modification of the residence permit because of exceptional circumstances due to work reasons, social ties that allow you to work, family ties or any other case where the cardholder has obtained a permit to work, residence and work permits on someone’s behalf or your own.


Telematics submission of documents to foreign records: this service allows you to adjoin documents, through the internet, to the records that are being processed. For this you will need a digital certificate.  The submission though this channel has the same effects than the submission in the public register.

Notification through appearance: If you chose this option when you requested an application in the Immigration Office or if you are part of the group that is obliged to, you will be informed about the acts and decisions of your application through the electronic page of the Ministry of Finances and Public Administration. To consult your notification, you can access, with your digital certificate or electronic ID card, the section “my records” in the electronic page.


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