What are the requirements to register as a self-employed person?


Have you made the decision and do you want to become self-employed? We give you some clues so that you do not despair when formalizing the implementation of your new employment situation.

You need to register with the Treasury (census declaration, model 036 and model 037), register with the Social Security (Special regime for self-employed workers – RETA), the town hall, work bodies or register online as self-employed with a Single Electronic Document through a Point of Attention to the Entrepreneur (Point PAE).

The necessary formalities to register as a self-employed person are simple but they still involve a certain administrative workload that can be cumbersome if you are not familiar with the bureaucracy.

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Online registration of freelancers

Currently, the Points of Attention to the Entrepreneur (points PAE) certified by the Ministry of Economy and Industry can process online the registration of a new self-employed through the presentation of the Single Electronic Document (DUE), which simplifies management and saves visits, as it can be presented jointly online registration in the Treasury and Social Security.

Social Security registration Within 60 days before the start of the activity you must register with the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) of the Social Security. At the time of registration you will define your contribution base between a maximum and a minimum amount that are established annually in the General State Budgets.


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