Brexit in 2021: Can I still live in Spain?


There are many questions surrounding the United Kingdom leaving the EU, specially for foreigners living in Spain. What will happen after January? Can I still move to Spain? A Gestor Administrativo can help you.

Register as a British citizen in Spain

Although the official date for the UK to leave the EU is not until the 31st of January, we recommend you do all this paperwork as soon as possible, whether you have been living in Spain for a while or you plan to move in the near future. It is very easy:

  • Once you have arrived in Spain and have a rental or sale agreement, you must be registered in your city council.
  • After that, go to the nearest police station and register as a resident. You will need to show an employment contract, a proof of your freelancer status or any other document that certifies your income.
  • Make sure you have a public or private health insurance. You will be able to access free public health if you work in Spain. If not, you will need to pay for a private insurance so you can obtain an EU certificate.

Five years living in Spain: permanent certificate

Once you have had the EU residence certificate for five years you will be able to apply for the permanent one. You will not need to renew this certificate and you will be able to live in Spain or in any other European country indefinitely.

If those five years are approaching, we recommend you start the paperwork as soon as possible, before the official Brexit date, so it is effective before the UK officially leaves the European Union.

Can I apply for the citizenship?

All foreign residents living in Spain for more than 10 years can apply for the citizenship. However, you need to give up your British nationality.

If you have decided to permanently stay in Spain, you will need to apply for the citizenship by residence. The documents needed are: the standard application form, your NIE number, a valid passport from the country of origin, birth certificate, certificate of criminal records in the country of origin (with a certified sworn translation), marriage certificate if applicable, payment receipt, registration certificate, certificate of criminal records in Spain and any diploma issued by Instituto Cervantes.

Remember that a Gestor Administrativo can help you with this online procedure. The Administration will give you an answer in 180 days and, if all the paperwork is correct, you will have the Spanish citizenship!

If you have any questions about procedures regarding Brexit and starting a new life in Spain, don’t hesitate and contact the gA. We will help you with everything.


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