Forget about queues! You can apply online for the Spanish citizenship by residence


One of the ways to get the Spanish citizenship is by residence, which means that the applicant must have lived legally in Spain for ten years—without having returned to their country of origin and during the ten years previous of the application. Now foreigners can apply for this procedure online very easily.

In 14th July 2016, the Spanish General Committee of Gestores Administrativos signed an agreement with the Ministry of Justice that allowed these professionals to solve this Spanish citizenship by residence procedure online for those foreigners who wished to have their help, as well as provide foreigners with online information, assistance services, and procedure status updates.

What would all of this imply? Before signing this agreement, foreigners could go to a Gestor Administrativo voluntarily in order to initiate their procedures and apply for the Spanish citizenship by residence. Now the Spanish Committee has provided Gestores Administrativos with a computer tool that allows them to apply for these procedures online on behalf of foreigners.

This agreement has brought good news. Foreigners can now forget about setting an appointment, expected queues and waiting lines in the register office, long procedure waiting periods and these will all change into better and more flexible applications. The Ministry will beneficiate too by having fewer procedures.

This agreement has opened the door to other Professional Associations to also sign a similar agreement with the Administration. Until 2016, residents could choose between going to the Foreigners Office and start the procedure there or apply online using the Ministry of Justice website. Now a Gestor Administrative can do all of these for foreigners.

If you are interested in applying for the Spanish citizenship by residence, now is your time. You can go to your Gestor Administrativo to speed up the procedures and get professional advice. Find the closest Gestor Administrativo to you here.