Road safety tips for foreigners


Trinidad Hernandez Mendez, Provincial Traffic Manager of Malaga, reminds the foreign population of Spain’s main traffic rules

Read it carefully


-When crossing, always do it through authorized places (traffic lights and pedestrian crossings) and if they do not exist, through areas with wide visibility. Always look on both sides of the road.

-Pay attention to the environment. Going distracted with the mobile can cause us to lose perspective of the place where we are and not detect situations of danger, especially at the intersection of streets. In 98% of accidents where the fault lies with the pedestrian, the cause is to be distracted by the mobile phone. (According to Mapfre Foundation Report).

-Sending messages by mobile phone multiplies by 23 the risk of accidents.

-Using the mobile phone to send messages compromises the three existing forms of distraction: visual (while reading the screen), cognitive (when elaborating the message) and manual (when manipulating keys and buttons).


-Wear a seat belt, as well as being mandatory, its proper use reduces the probability of death between 30 and 60%.

-Respect speed limits. A collision at 50km/h has the same effect as falling from the third floor of a building.

-Create “car mode” on your mobile phone. Safety comes first, there is nothing more urgent than protecting your life.

-Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

-Stop every two hours on long journeys to rest. Driving fatigue is a bad ally. Hydrate yourself, especially children and the elderly.


-Be seen, use reflective elements, it is as important to see as it is to be seen.

-Wear a helmet -it will protect you- and it is compulsory for children under 16 years old and always on interurban roads.

-Respect the rules, the bicycle is just another vehicle.

-Do not use your mobile phone or headphones while riding.

-At night, don’t forget to use lights.


-Minors with a height equal to or less than 135 cm shall ride in the rear seats of the vehicle with their corresponding child restraint system approved and adapted to their weight and height. 

-A child under 7 years of age may be carried on a bicycle in an additional approved seat when the driver is of legal age.

-Children under the age of 12 may not ride mopeds or motorcycles. Exceptionally, those over 7 years of age may do so when driven by parents or guardians or adults with permission. Always with an approved helmet and perfectly supported feet.

-For the safety of your child, ask for taxis with child seats.


-Avoid driving after having consumed any amount of alcohol, the only really safe rate is 0.0 g/l, remember that the consumption of alcohol or drugs also affects pedestrians.


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