How to apply for the nationality by marriage


Many couples wonder when it is the right moment to get married. If one of the spouse is a foreigner, this commitment can mean a lot more than just a romantic gesture. Do you know which are the procedures to obtain the nationality by marriage?

Nationality by marriage: what is it?

You may have heard of ‘citizenship by marriage’ but, actually, you can only apply for the Spanish nationality through four channels: by residence, by option, by naturalization and by possession of status.

Therefore, marrying a Spanish citizen will not provide the spouse the nationality but decrease the period that the foreigner must wait to apply for the Spanish nationality by residence. Therefore, foreigners married to Spaniards must apply for the Spanish nationality by residence.

Which are the requisites to apply for the nationality by marriage?

-Be married to a Spaniard for a year and not be legally separated or be a civil partner in the moment of applying.

-Be registered in the same house as the spouse.

-Prove you are financially stable. The applicant must prove they have enough financial means to afford the standard of living in Spain. These means can come from working, immovable or movable assets. The minimum sum takes the IPREM as a reference.

-Provide the certificate of registering in the consulate. The document might be optional in some cases.

-Not have criminal records.

-Be a part of the Spanish culture. The applicant must prove they know the culture, master the language and are of the Spanish society.

I married in a foreign country: what do I do?

When two people with different nationalities get married outside Spain, this marriage is registered in the country where the marriage formal register has taken place.

Any spouse who has gotten married in a foreign country must also register the marriage in their country of origin. This will make it easier for them to apply for the nationality by residence in any of the country of origin of the spouse.