What does the digital certificate work for and who can I get it?


Have you heard abut the digital certificate, but you still don’t have it? First, we are going to tell you what it is, so you can decide if you need it or you don’t. It is information that is included in your browser. With this data you can be identified on the Internet and you can make all kinds of operations. The certificate protects the data you provide each time you make online procedures, keeping in secret your communications and is available for both individual people as for companies and associations.

You can obtain it on the web page of the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre with three simple steps:

  • First, request the certificate. After filling in the request, indicating your NIF (or NIE), you will receive a code that you must save.
  • In second place, you will have to accredit your identity in a Registration office. You must personally go to one of the Registration offices with your code and NIF or NIE. (The businesses and associations must also show some specific documentation).
  • And, in third place, download the user certificate.

We recommend you make a copy, on an external support (CD, USB memory card, data DVD), of the private code you will obtain after downloading your certificate on an external support. This file will be protected with a password.


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