Is it time to pass the ITV?

Es el momento de pasar la itv

Motor vehicle owners are perfectly familiar with the acronym ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection). This inspection must be surpassed by motorcycles, buses, caravans, etc., but in this case we are going to talk about the ITV applied to passenger cars. We remind you some keys.

How often is the review carried out?

To carry out the revision in one date or another will depend on the age of the car.

New vehicles don’t have to pass the ITV until they are four years old, that’s when the first inspection takes place.

From the time the vehicle reaches four years of age until it reaches ten years of age, the ITV will be carried out every two years. Once the vehicle is more than ten years old, it will be inspected annually.

An important fact to bear in mind is that if the car has suffered significant damage in an accident or has undergone alterations that modify the ITV card, the inspection must be carried out despite the date set from the beginning.

What do I have to take into account to pass the ITV?

Don’t forget the documentation. This detail may sound quite obvious, but it is the most important of all, as without the basic documentation required, inspection will not be possible. So don’t forget:

– Technical data sheet or ITV card

– Driver’s identity card

– Accreditation of compulsory insurance

– Circulation permit

2.        Beware of the VIN. This is a really important figure and should be kept legible at all times. If for any reason the VIN is illegible, it must be retrieved by some means, otherwise the vehicle will not be able to pass the MOT.

The VIN is a unique code that serves to know all the details of the vehicle through a history.

3.        General condition of the vehicle. Before going to the inspection, it is advisable to take the car to a trusted workshop to ensure its proper condition. In addition, it is recommended to be aware of the tread of the tires, the sound of the horn, the fastening of the mirrors and other basic elements.

We hope your vehicle’s inspection will be satisfactory! If you need to make any management related to the ITV, remember that our gestores administrativos are experts in traffic and will resolve your issues with the utmost professionalism. 


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