Do you know how you can reclaim the maternity leave taxes?


After months talking about it, the doubts are starting to fade. Many people are asking themselves how they can reclaim the maternity leave taxes. We are going to give you some key solutions.

The first thing that must be clear is who can request it. Women who included their maternity leave benefits in their tax statement in the tax years of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 can request it, as cases of previous years have prescribed. The taxpayers who had maternity or paternity leave tax withholds in 2018 will not have to do any other paperwork. Their tax return in 2019, which is presented in 2019, will already include these services as tax free and the withhold will be deductible.

To make the process easier, here are the steps you must take to obtain the tax return. To speed up the process, the Treasury (Hacienda) has made some specific forms available on their website where you must indicate the year or the years where you received the subvention and the account number where the money must be remitted. This application can be done through online traditional telematic methods or on paper in the registration offices of the Tax Agency.

The other star question is, how much will they return? We can’t be very accurate on this, as the quantity will depend on the amount of money rendered and the marginal income tax rate of the contributors.

In any case, from Trámites Málaga we recommend that you get in contact with an administrative agent that will speed up the procedures and will assess you with the professionality you need. Don’t risk it!


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