Recovering points within the driving licence


Loss of driver’s license points is directly linked to traffic violations related to speeding, using a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, drinking alcohol, and more.

The driving licence consists of 12 points if the driver has more than three years’ experience since obtaining the licence.

There are other cases such as young people who have not yet completed three years of experience and still have 8 points on their licence.

On the other hand, people who lost their driving licence because they had exhausted all the points will also start with 8 once they have regained their licence.

How can I recover my points?

Not to be sanctioned for two years

If the offence is minor or not very serious, it can be recovered automatically after two years if it is not sanctioned during that period.

In the case of serious infringements (6 points) this period will be three years instead of two.

Conducting a 12-hour course

In the event that it is decided to recover the points in a more hurried way, it is possible to carry out a course of sensitization and road re-education that will imply a certain cost.

Through this course it will be possible to recover up to a maximum of 6 points, and can only be done every two years, except for professional drivers who can do it every year.

How can I get my licence back?

Once the initial credit of points has been exhausted, an official notification will be received in which the validity of the driving licence is declared to be lost, so in order to recover it the following steps must be followed:

            1º To carry out a course of sensitization and road re-education of 24 h.

This course can be taken during the period of the loss of validity and will have a duration of 24 hours.

2º In a period of time to make examination in Provincial Headquarters of Traffic

Once the course on road awareness and re-education has been completed and the duration of the loss of validity has elapsed, an examination will be carried out on the contents studied in the course on road awareness and re-education.

The duration of the loss of validity of the driving licence is 6 months for general drivers and 3 months for professional drivers.

In order to take the theoretical test, it will be necessary to request an appointment at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters. These are the different ways of acquiring the driving licence again or recovering lost points. For any type of doubt in the management of procedures, remember that a gestor administrativo will provide you with specialized help.


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