If your flight is cancelled o delayed you have right to a compensation


Summer is the time of year there are most flights around the world. Many airlines increase their number of flights by 45%. This is why it is the time many airline workers demand their basic rights through strikes.

Though as users we support airport workers’ labour movements 100%, it is annoying that our only holiday time is affected by cancelations and delays. Fortunately, European Union laws give us a series of tools to deal with this inconvenience in the best way possible.

When do I have rights to compensation?

 If you are informed of the cancelation with very little time in advance the airlines themselves usually compensate the passengers for the inconvenience. Depending on the company, you will receive a total refund or an alternative ticket.

If your flight’s destination is to any city within the EU and it has a delay of three hours or more you will receive the same compensation as if the flight had been cancelled.

The only reason in which an airline company does not have the legal obligation to give any kind of compensation would be because of a cancellation due to climatic reasons or extreme climate conditions.

If the cancellation supposes the loss of money of a hotel, concert or any other expense of the trip, the airline will not take charge of it ‘automatically’, you must claim alongside the plane ticket.

What happens if I have to wait several days to get a flight?

The airline company will pay for the food and lodging if you are flying with an airline with a base in the EU. If the airline does not belong to the EU, they are forced to offer an alternative flight, but not to pay the expenses caused by the wait.

 How do I reclaim payment?

 Every airport has a lawsuit model issued and controlled by the AESA (Aerial Security State Agency) so that any user can claim if they suffer a delay or cancellation.

We recommend you consult a qualified professional who can advise you correctly so you avoid any problems and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Come to a trustworthy administrative agent which you can find in the following link.