The novelties that 2019 brings to self-employed workers

Businesswoman or student sleeping after hard work

Light and darkness. The same as other years. January usually brings certain fiscal novelties that taxpayers don’t often like. The first ones of the tax year we are starting are:

  • The contribution base of self-employed workers increases in 1,25% from January 1st 2019 and the exchange rate type is of 30%.
  • The fee of self-employed workers that pay the minimum base increases in 5,36€ (64€ a year) and for the corporate self-employed workers it increases 6,89€ a month (82€ a year).

The exchange rate type includes the following coverage:

  • The 28,30% for common contingencies, including the Temporary Incapacity and equalizing itself to the General Regime.
  • The 0,9% for all the workers as for professional contingencies.
  • The 0,7% for ceasing activities.
  • The 0,1% for Formation and Prevention.

These are, broadly, the main novelties. Do you have any doubts? Contact an administrative agent and let them guide you with their advise. Enjoy your work and get rid of all these headaches.


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