Five weeks for daddy


Are you going to be a dad? Then we congratulate you doubly. First, for the baby that’s on its way and secondly because now you will be able to enjoy his or her company and take care of him or her one more week. Yes, this month paternity leave will be increased up to five weeks. Fathers, whose children are born the day after the General State Budget published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE), will benefit from this change.

As you may know, law on paternity leave for births, adoptions and shelter is changing so that there is more equality between men and women’s leave. For the time being, you will be able to enjoy a few more days.

The paternity leave law changed the 1st January 2017. Since then, workers have been able to enjoy four weeks of paternity leave. Before that, fathers only had 15 days off (13 days off plus two granted by the Workers’ Statute). In Brussels, however, the legislation’s tendency goes further, as they have made a proposition to have a four month paternity leave.

How and when I can enjoy it

Paternity leave is a subsidiary that workers receive when work time is stopped or interrupted due to a child’s birth, adoption or shelter. The duration of this pause is established by the law.

Paternity leave includes the two days that follow the child’s birth (or the administration’s decision to shelter), to which you will add days until you reach four weeks leave and from now on, five weeks leave. You will be able to take advantage of the days following labour or make an agreement with the company. There can even be a change in the timetable if the company agrees, working part time. The time you have off will increase by two days for every child that is born, adopted, sheltered or in your guardianship, after your second child.

Paternity compensation is independent and compatible with the mother’s maternity leave. You can both benefit from the leave at the same time. The mother can also transfer some of her leave time to the father. You are probably asking yourself, how much salary will I receive? Well, 100%. It includes all the concepts that are enclosed in the regulation you have and, usually, everything that is added onto your payroll. The retention of Personal Income Tax (IRPF) may be determined by your economic benefits.

And remember that an administrator agent will give you all the details you need on this theme so you only have to worry about enjoying your time with your little one!