Administrative procedures to create a company in Spain


Within the process of the company creation, the section of administrative procedures is the most important part, as it is essential so that a company can start its activity.

We can differentiate several kinds of basic administrative procedures: generic procedures, according to the activity, in the event of being contracted, complementary and specific procedures.

Below you will give you details of these procedures. To complete this information, do not doubt to visit the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism’s web page.

General administrative procedures

  • Registration in the census of companies, professionals and retainers
  • Tax on economic activities
  • Registration in the special regime for Self-Employment
  • Registration of partners and administrative body in the Social Security system

Administrative procedures according to the activity

  • Activity license
  • Registration in other official organisms
  • Record of personal data files

Administrative procedures in the event of being contracted

  • Registration of the company
  • Affiliation of workers
  • Registration of workers in the Social Security system

Complementary administrative procedures

  • Registration of distinctive signs

Specific administrative procedures

  • Bars, cafeterias, restaurants and hotel establishments
  • Travel agencies
  • Companies related to bets
  • Individual people who work installing electrical, gas, climate and pressure systems

If you are thinking about becoming self-employed, do not think twice in contacting an administrative agent. They will help you put your ideas in order and process all the paperwork that comes with setting up your company. Find a trustworthy professional here.


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